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If you're looking for a unique way to welcome a new baby into the family or if you just want to announce the new arrival to everyone you know, you should begin by sending out birth cards. These cards will let the people you care about know about your child's arrival and will encourage them to send you their congratulations and maybe even pay a visit to the newest member of the family. However, there are a few options to consider when looking for birth announcements. Here are a couple of these choices.

Announcements Birth Cards from the Hospital

Baby greetings come in many forms and one of the most common is sometimes done at the hospital. If this is your first child, you may not know that photographers contracted through the facility will take your child's first photo at the hospital. You can then order packages including the birth announcements cards that include this picture. Often new parents take this option because they are overwhelmed by the experience and excited about the photo of their precious bundle of joy.

Is this the birth greetings you want to use? Well, there are a couple of reasons to say no. You may want to order a few of the photos as keepsakes but the baby birth cards are almost always more expensive than what you could find online. Plus, most are very simplistic with small photos of the baby. You simply write in the details about the birth. In many cases, this first photo isn't even very flattering for your photo birth announcements!

Custom Birth Greetings

A better option is to purchase your birth baby announcements via the Internet. Long before your baby arrives, you can begin researching the different baby stationery available so you can know exactly what you want to order when that special day arrives. Some of these sites will even provide same day shipping of your order so you won't even need to wait for the baby boy birth announcements or baby girl birth announcements to arrive for very long.

Consider looking for a site that will customize your Birth Cards. For example, you could take a photograph of your baby and send it along with your order. The card would then include a 5 x 7 image of your new baby instead of a tiny, hard-to-see image like you would get from the hospital. Plus, you can personalize the message inside with all of the birth information to make writing out the cards a snap later on. With these birth photo announcements, you'll have a lot more freedom to choose the design and style that you want.

If you already have a favorite design picked out for your birth cards, you'll be less likely to be tempted by the over-priced offer at the hospital. Remember you have plenty of time to spend way too much on your child's photographs - that's a parental rite of passage! But you want these first twin birth announcements to be special, unique, and exactly what you wanted.

Shopping with Online Baby Stationery Shoppes has its Advantages

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Birth Cards and Birth Announcements Cards

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