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A birth certificate is the first official document that is made once we are born and is used for a variety of purposes throughout our life. If we wish to join a school or college, we will need to produce our birth certificate; if we need a driver's license, the issuing authority will ask for the birth certificate; if we need a passport, a birth record is mandatory for passport issuance. There are many more examples like these that show the importance of a birth record in our lives.

You can get a copy of your birth record from a particular records office that is located in the state in which you were born. The requirements for giving you a copy differ from state and state and so does the time taken to produce a copy. However, some people may find it difficult to go and obtain a birth record copy from their birth state particularly if they currently reside in a state far away from the state of birth. Online record websites come to the rescue of such people. These websites have a large database of information of almost all the citizens of a country and all that is needed is a first name and last name. Once that is inputted, you can find out your birth details and get a copy.

Such websites sometimes not only offer birth records, but records of other types too such as marriage records, death certificates, divorce records etc and they also have the facility to perform a background check.

Background checking:

Are you suspicious of someone in your extended family? Is someone too mysterious and secretive for your liking? You can prove your assumption was true or false by performing a background check on the person.

A background check can be easily done to find out more information about a particular person and all you need is the person's full name and the state of current residence. Moreover, by performing a background check, you not only get the person's criminal, personal, commercial, residential information etc, you also have access to the information of his/her immediate family members. You will see everything from a parking ticket to major criminal offenses if applicable by looking at the details received after a background check.

By performing a background check, you can extract a person's entire criminal record. If there is one piece of information you need, chances are you would find exactly that by performing a background check. This will ensure your family is kept safe and free from harm as in these days of violence and terrorism, we do not know who we can trust thoroughly.

You can do a background check on many websites that offer this service at a nominal fee. You will get all the information you need to keep your mind at peace or make your worst fears come true. Whatever the outcome, it is always advisable to perform a background check on someone you have the slightest suspicion about free birth record search at

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Birth Records and Background Checks

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This article was published on 2010/03/29