Child Birth Plan - The Best Birthing Experience

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Giving birth is one of the most intimate experiences that you can have. Deciding to choose about how you want this experience to occur is made possible by designing a child birth plan. A great way to do this is through class evaluation. Most doctors will request, and sometimes even require, that you take a child birth class. These classes will help prepare you for the difficult and traumatic process and allow you to design a plan for the birth of your child.

Pain management is perhaps the most important part of any plan. Several options are available. These include natural childbirth, narcotic intervention and epidurals. Each of these options is valid and safe for both the mother and the baby. Deciding what level of pain management you would like in advance will make birth easier. A popular option is to try and go 'natural' or without any medical intervention, but to have an epidural on order so that you may request it if necessary.

Another important item of any plan is in regards to fetal distress. During the process of child birth class evaluation you will learn about the possible causes of fetal distress. Disusing these options with your doctor in advance will ensure your wishes are carried out. For example, some doctors, in the heat of the moment, will suggest a c-section if the baby is breach; however, discussing this in advance may lead your doctor to try and turn the baby first.

Other important items in any plan include who you would like in the room during the birth, who you would like to cut the cord, and whether or not you would like a mirror so that you may see the birth. Making these decisions in advance, will allow for a more pleasant birthing experience.

A child birth plan developed after a child birth class evaluation will allow you to have the best experience possible for your child.

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Child Birth Plan - The Best Birthing Experience

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This article was published on 2010/04/02