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The birth of a child is a wonderful experience for the parents, especially the mother, who lovingly nurtures her child through pregnancy. However, the culmination of pregnancy can sometimes be extremely painful and traumatic for some women. Pregnant women often desire simpler methods of gentle birth of their child.

Hypno birth is a relatively new concept that tries to minimize birth pangs and ensures painfree birth. Using methods of modern psychological techniques, hypno birth tries to change your perception of pain, thereby ensuring completely safe, painless and gentle birth of your child.

Today, hypnotherapy is widely being used during pregnancy and childbirth to psychologically prepare pregnant women for gentlebirth, to alleviate their anxiety and fear and to tackle many issues related to minor health conditions during pregnancy. Hypno birth also attempts to reduce or eliminate pain during labor.

I did not initially believe that it will work, said Helen Kurt, a proud mother of two lovely kids, the second born after taking up training of hypno birth.

My first pregnancy was traumatic, and I feared that I will experience the same during my second delivery. However, hypnotherapy helped me get rid of anxieties and fears and I had a peaceful, nearly painless labor, she added gleefully.

There are thousands of women like Helen Kurt who have immensely benefited from this new method of safe and painfree birth by keeping them calm, relaxed and focused during pregnancy and during labor.

Speaking about her experience of gentlebirth, Mary Fitch gleams with joy, I was very apprehensive about my first pregnancy. During the first month onwards, I was feeling cramps and bouts of nausea that made my life living hell.

Then my husband Alans colleague suggested hypno birth as a solution. Alan supported me by telling me about its methods step-by-step, week after week, and soon my tension and fears vanished and I looked forward to labor, which was as painless as could possibly be.

Self-hypnosis is regularly used in medical and dental cases with great success in specific circumstances, if the patient is suffering from life-threatening allergies to anesthetics, to make them undergo surgery without drugs or pain.

Psychotherapists suggest that the mind can be trained to suppress feeling of pain, tension, anxiety and discomfort, particularly in non-invasive cases such as childbirth. Hypnosis during labor makes the expectant mother feel relaxed, which in turn keeps her more calm and comfortable, making the entire childbirth experience easy, painless and joyous.
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Hypno Birth Gentle Birth - to be a fitness program for your mind.Hypnobirthing - Hypnosis for Childbirth - its brain training Program.

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Gentle Birth, Hypno Birth, Painfree Birth, Gentlebirth

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This article was published on 2010/10/13