How Indian astrology is excellent than other systems?

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Indian Astrology and Vedic astrology is the most accurate, detailed and separate from all the analytical and predictive science existing at the present time. In Indian astrological system, only you date of birth, birth time and birth place are required for horoscope reading or astrological readings. Indian astrology analyzes your unique characteristics, behaviors, and traits entirely on your birth map or natal chart. There are basic dissimilarity in the practices in telling birth map by Indian astrology, Western astrology, Greek astrology and Chinese astrology etc. It is the dissimilarity which makes the predictions and interpretations different and excellent than other systems.

 It proved that Indian astrology had a great understanding of astronomy, when the rest of world was still to anticipating being civilized. Indian astrology also takes into zodiac view is epileptic and non-circular. Because of this the twelve houses in a birth map are not thirty degree each but varying as per according to birth time. Horoscope is construction of your fundamental placement of stars and planets at the birth time in a birth chart or birth map. It has been proved various times that Indian horoscope records the placement and movement of astrological planets in accurate manner.Indian astrology and Vedic astrology is a great tool to understand what is limiting you in your life and also offers the means to dissolve the issues of life. Its accuracy in predicting future events in the life of peoples has attracted the attention of people in the Western country and is now gaining popularity there. Indian astrology is a superlative tool for understanding life's purpose and also to provide specific time schedule for making decisions about finances, career, health, relationships, spiritual growth, etc.

Birth chart cast on the Indian astrology is truly different because the Indian astrological system makes for appurtenance that out Universe or Zodiac is moving. Indian horoscope compatibility is also precise than some other popularly astrological system known as Greek, Western, Chinese etc. Also the Indian astrology takes into account that Zodiac/Universe is epileptic and non- circular because of which 12 houses in a birth map are not 30 degree each but are varying according to birth time.An example, there could be a chart map on the Western astrological system with moon in Sagittarius at ten degrees in the ninth home, making the person: Frank, Wise well known,Open-minded, Having International Repute, Happy and Lucky with regard to moth. Now, if the same birth information's are used to build the birth chart on the Indian astrological system, the moon will fall in Scorpio 17 degrees, house 8th, making the person unhealthy, petty, problems with mother, low on talent, complexes, insignificant and having a troubled in married or love life.

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How Indian astrology is excellent than other systems?

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This article was published on 2011/06/20